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Tele Healing Session by M.A.R.S. III

Energy Healing: This is a system of higher dimensional rebalancing that uses the skills of the healer to catalyse, invoke and call upon universal life force energy (Prana, Chi, Ki) to heal the mind, emotions and physical body through the portals of the subtle bodies. Most illness or dysfunction is due to an imbalance of your Energy Field which percolates downwards from the upper levels of Etheric, Astral, Mental and Causal, and later manifests as a problem. Problems are usually medical but may be financial, career, relationship, family or parenting oriented. We offer a form of healing that the maintenance broadcasting sends you healing programs 24 hours per day for weeks or months.

Witness Sample: For any healing work, a witness sample is almost always necessary. This is something that has a strong connection to you, such as a piece of your hair. We should also have your first name and a description and history of your problems.

Distance: Because Energy works on higher planes and dimensions where there is no time or space, connection happens instantaneously and regardless of distance.

Broadcasting: The range of healing instrument which we use all connect to our Broadcaster to augment, potentise, amplify, focus, store and transmit the universal life energy to facilitate your rapid healing. In this way you are being treated all day every day, by having your witness sample on our transmitting plate and antenna.