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Light Therapy

Light Therapy

How does it work? - The Science behind Color Therapy & Super Tuning
Planets have a well determined time period for each rotation and spin movement they execute; this period can be converted into frequencies, which are all lower than 1 Hz. These planet movements in their totality and with their interactions define a so called “Health Field”. All the information coming from this health field is known as Super-Tunes and are multiples (octaves) of the original calculated frequencies. These Super-tunes (frequencies) communicate with all living organisms following the laws of bio-resonance.
The Super-Tunes that influence us the most are:

* Earth:
* In 24 hours = 86400 seconds the Earth spins around its own axis (day/night)
* In 365.25 days Earth rotates around the sun (year period)
* In 25,926 years Earth axis rotates (precession)
* The Super-tune for Earth day/night is a frequency of 1/86400 = 0.000011574 Hz
* A 24 octave is = 194.18 Hz
* A 65 octave is = 427.08 Hz (corresponds to note G, to red light and is a strong bio-resonance frequency for the DNA.

* Colors Frequencies

The three Super-tunes of Earth day, Earth year and Earth precession are controlling all biological processes either by energizing (boosting) or by sedating. All beings on planet Earth are heavily influenced by a hand full frequencies which we perceive as harmonic and life supportive.

Chronic diseases are the result of different “traumata” generated by different facturs such as electro-smog, eating the wrong food, drinking to little or "unhealthy", contaminated water, accumulation of acidic substances and toxins in our tissues, infections with different bacteria and microbes, all triggering anaerobe processes and causing disturbances within our body up to a total collapse of the ATP metabolism, which results in cancer and usually death. These changes at the cell level of our body are the mirror of the negative transformations in one's energetic and informational level (subtle level).
The matter follows our thoughts or our thoughts and beliefs are structured by energy!
By relaxing and meditating, we can deal with negative emotions (thoughts), calm our hyper-active, restless minds, remove and replace negativity by positive energies. Thus our vegetative neural system relaxes, blood circulation gets better, we tune in and connect better to the natural Super-Tunes and other surrounding energies of our environment (geomagnetic, Schumann) and we are getting healthier. This is not new knowledge! For millennia ancient healers and shamans all around the world have recognized those principles and have used them for healing. In their healing sessions those ancient healers always try to reconnect their patients with the universal energies by using colors or visualization, sounds such as music or enchanting, signs and languages, relaxation techniques.
The Color SuperTuning System does the same using the most advanced technology! By getting our bodies in-tune with those frequencies we get or remain healthy.
Weather sensitivity is a result of the overlapping of super-tunes with some other frequencies generated by climate at a due time, called CD SFERICS. These sferics have frequencies at the edge of super-tunes and can therefore interfere and disturb the balance of our bodies.

The Super-Tunes frequencies are also connected to the chakra system:

* Chakra 1 connect to note g and color red = super-tune for earth day (energizing, creation, development)
* Chakra 4 connect to note cis, color turquoise = super-tune earth year (sedation, dissolution, liquidation, relaxing)
* Chakra 7 for note f, color violet = super-tune earth precession (Holistic, eternal play of the first two super-tunes).
* Another important super-tune is the one attributed to the moon for a rotation around the earth in 29.53 days. This correspond to a new super-tune called “Synodic moon”, note gis, color orange, Chakra 2; it regulates all biological processes based on body fluid(lymphatic system) and emotions (sexuality, fertility).
* The sun has no rotation movement (it is a star), however a theoretical super-tune can be calculated and this corresponds to note h, yellow-green. This is close to 7.5 Hz, interestingly a vital frequency for all cells communication. Close to this frequency are also found all Schumann frequencies or so called super-tunes of the ionosphere.
* There are also super-tunes for other neighbouring planets like Mercury (color blue, note d, Chakra 5), or for our galaxy Milky Way (color indigo, note dis, connecting with all Chakras); however their influence on biological systems is rather low. Usually super-tuning devices are working with 12 super tunes.

Bruce Copen Laboratories' Color SuperTuning System scans the existing disharmonies of the body and re-balances these by using those 12 Super-Tunes. This is a holistic system to rebalance and restore the harmony to body, with no side effects. With the SuperTuning System our bodies are reconnected to the universal frequencies and our immune system can trigger and operate all vital healing processes!
The healing process using Bruce Copen Laboratories' Color SuperTuning is divided into two distinct steps:

1. Analysis and identification of the problems (scanning)
2. Balancing to restore harmony

Analysis: The patient is scanned using the MAX Hand Applicators or a DNA probe (blood, hair). The imbalances are analyzed at a physical, mental and spiritual level. At the same time the system precisely determines the spagyric formula that is recommended to support the therapy. In a second step the analysis targets the psychosomatic, energetic and regulatory levels. The bio-triggers (Super-Tunes) are shown on the display in different colors, shows exactly which parts of the body require harmonization or also called balancing.

Balancing/Therapy: These are targeted regulative steps to optimize the health of the patient by enabling him to recouple with the Super-Tunes. During the balancing process the body is re-integrated in the healthy field, the final healing will be achieved by the body itself. For this step the hand applicators (MAX), the spagyrics, a coordinated light treatment using the Colorlab high power LED is used. The synchronisation of both brain hemi-spheres is triggered and thus a better opening of the body to a very relaxed state is achieved through the use of sound at 4Hz (specific for a theta deep meditation state). The immune system is strengthen and activated especially when different coherent colors are applied additionally. For each super tuning color there are 8 different sound files according to Hemi-sync technology (so called binaural-beats). Every one of these sound files is exactly 20 seconds long and operates with fades.